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Netki launch for Schorem

Screenshot of the Schorem website

Just before Christmas, Netki launches an international effort. In the new year, maybe they look towards helping Myki.

Native Digital closes

Rarely does an agency’s email newsletter warrant a mention, but Native’s was a step above the rest, and we welcomed its regular delivery in the inbox. Not so welcome was this week’s edition announcing that Native will be no more.

Monkii launch Isuzu Trucks

Screenshot of the Isuzu Trucks website

So these new trucks have wireless, and can phone home to Isuzu staff sitting on invisible chairs.

Monkii did the build, mostly by wires. Invisible chairs were not used, as everyone used invisible standing desks.

Footlocker sides with Pusher

Over at Sydney’s Pusher:

We’re over the moon to announce we have been appointed digital agency of record for retail sneaker giant, Footlocker, in the Asia Pacific region!

Pusher will be responsible for the evolution of the brand’s loyalty program “The Locker” plus all digital assets including websites, mobile apps, and digital campaigns.

Q&A: Inlight Media

Elephant desk toy

Step inside the studio space of Inlight Media, the second gracious bunch to feature in our new Q&A series.

I first thought this team was getting pretty serious when they upgraded digs to a Docklands office overlooking the water. Unfortunately I went to that office once – the wind from the harbour almost blew me into a tram, narrowly escaping death. Upon hearing they’d moved to a space with 50% less wind-speed, I popped into chat with Pat and Tony.

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Business Victoria by Thick

Screenshot of the Business Victoria website

Melbourne’s Thick, launching a government website that doesn’t feel like a government website. This is a good thing.

Q&A: Liquorice Studio

Liquorice colleagues

Yeah Nice doesn’t want to be a digital only AdNews or B&T, so say goodbye to the stupid ‘wins’ category of posts, and say hello to something I hope you can all appreciate a little more.

When I went knocking on Liquorice‘s door, they were surprised this site wasn’t just a bot taking screenshots of new projects using Mechanical Turk for commentary. After all that was sorted, director Scott thankfully agreed to be the first studio covered in our new series of Q&As.

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Millet redesign

Screenshot of the Millet Studio website

Sydney duo Millet Studio update their site. That’s Millet, not Mullet as initially hoped.

Two new sites for Citrus

More by luck than any investigative practice by Yeah Nice, we’ve awarded Citrus the first projects to be posted here in 2014, with Notemaker and Coopers recently launched.

Welcome to the new year Citrus, especially when two tweets ago you were signing off 2012.