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Flint launches Jensen Shirts

Screenshot of the Jensen website

This man wears shirts, so we can’t show you his face on the Internet. You might be wondering, what brand of shirt does a shirt wearer wear? Flint‘s just shown you. Jensen.

Weekend httpster

Yo dawg, we heard you like websites showcasing websites, so we put up a showcase website on a website that showcases websites.

Late to the party on this one, but Httpster seems to be going strong, approaching two years of fine service. Courtesy of Hobart’s Weekends* and Melbourne’s Guvnor.

Bliss Media launch Urban Attitude

Screenshot of the Urban Attitude website

Urban Attitude:

…our happy go lucky crew of eclectic individuals make sure that good times roll on!
Well there you go. Bliss enjoying the good times after a new Magento build, novelty chicken in hand.

Igloo launch Crown Gifts

If you ever felt guilty, you can now legitimately buy those Crown hotel bathrobes. Thank Igloo.

The Nest acquired by Frost*

Over in Sydney, The Nest:

Today we’re delighted to announce that The Nest has been acquired by world-renowned creative agency, Frost, and we’ll be joining with them under the newly established banner of the Frost Group.


We will be moving into Frost’s Surry Hills studio space in the coming weeks, however we will continue to operate as a separate entity, under our own name, servicing both our existing roster of clients as well as now acting as Frost’s digital offer.

Digicon joins Deloitte Digital

Queensland’s Digicon team up with DD following the announcement today:

We are excited to announce that the team at Digicon are joining Deloitte Digital to form a new studio in Brisbane.

With 20 digital specialists joining our team, the new studio will be the fourth Deloitte Digital location in Australia.

Reborn launch new website for Cuddly

Screenshot of the Cuddly website

Lavender fresh release by Reborn.

Don’t do what Yeah Nice did, intrigued by how many Twitter followers a fabric conditioner can have, by clicking the Twitter icon. We spammed “Cuddly Fabric Conditioner gives your family a loving touch of softness” to families who quite frankly are too soft already.

DT launches new site for Bunnings

Screenshot of the Bunnings website

Yeah Nice would have preferred a schedule of who’s cooking the snags each week, rather than a carousel on the homepage, but ‘tis cool. Big launch for DT yesterday.

August's new site for SWEP

Screenshot of the SWEP website

Melbourne’s August, just before August’s end, released a new site for the Schools Water Efficiency Program. SWEP as it’s known amongst the cool kids in the playground.