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Floate launches The Nudge podcast

Earlier this month, Floate officially launched The Nudge after a series of Melbourne meetups.

On our podcasts Josh Kinal, Jerome Lebel-Jones, and Ross Floate grapple with the issues related to being a better designer, and we ask special guests from around the world for their perspective as well. What kind of issues? Issues like inspiration, trust, being wrong, and the nature of responsibility.
While some material goes in the “not quite web” basket, we’re watching (listening?) with interest as local guests discuss their take on being a professional in the creative industries. Episode 3 might spark and divide opinions, as Tweaky is featured - a marketplace where website changes are offered from $39.

Hello Pistachios

While Yeah Nice still finds its feet, we’re not going to dive much into “apps” and their creators just yet. We do need to keep an eye on Sydney-based collective Pistachio, however. Their Red Pen service has been generating some chatter recently, and we might have caught them on Pinboard’s popular bookmark list - a virtual high-five we reckon.

Redesign for Jacky Winter

Screenshot of the Jacky Winter website

Over at The Jacky Winter Group:

All of us at JW are very excited about this new phase of our business, and have been truly humbled by all the efforts that have been made by a huge number of people here behind the scenes over the last year to make this a reality.


First and foremost, we take our collective hats off to one Mr. Patrick Campbell of That Mob who is responsible for the new design, as well as all the development with the help of Pete Brundle. Patrick is currently sleeping a dreamless sleep after many late nights in the last month, and we love him very much and hope he never ever ever leaves us.

VJI launch microsite for Specsavers

Visual Jazz Isobar:

We are proud to share some awesome work we’ve done for a new client of ours over the past couple of months. The first project was to launch Specsavers new designer eyewear range by Collette Dinnigan.

Redesign for The Loop

Screenshot of The Loop website

The Loop currently features eight times the amount of digital media companies Yeah Nice keeps track of. If you can’t find a interesting place of business between us, start a studio and let YNHQ know first. K tnx.

A big collab sees the site step up a notch. On the web front, Carter Digital gets involved.

New site for Eleven Media

Screenshot of the Eleven Media website

New design for the Melbourne WordPress gentlemen. Friendly on an Internet communications device.

BWM acquires Sputnik Agency

Yeah Nice remembers a Sputnik with the odd studio interior and Flash website where staff asked you questions for the navigation. We look forward to seeing what they’ll come up with as part of BWM.

Portable staffer holds an iMac

Woman with Drive website screenshot

The cropped shot of a graphic designer, holding their latest poster. The digital agency imposing a site screenshot on an iDevice render. Forget these portfolio trends, Yeah Nice has seen the future - lugging a scuffed early ‘09 iMac into the middle of the street.

Thank you Portable, for going there. The work itself is a collab with Flaunt for Porsche Australia.

NIVEA sides with AnalogFolk

Yeah Nice is getting quite metro/technosexual. Our second post on skincare, courtesy of Sydney’s AnalogFolk, who recently noted their undertaking of NIVEA’s digital work, previously with Orchard.

Kolber & Icelab help launch 'The Thousands' for Right Angle Studio

Whenever I wanted to appear more interesting and cultured, I used to sneak a peak at the Three Thousand website and blow everyone away with my knowledge of inner Melbourne happenings. Then, sometime in the middle of 2011 the site got redesigned.

I got lost in a sea of mustard-yellow and neon. Such was my disorientation, I couldn’t answer a simple query as to the whereabouts of the latest pop-up coffee shop. My true self revealed, I resorted to getting drunk on the weekend ordering the videogame consoles of my childhood on eBay.

Thankfully, Right Angle Studio assembled a great team to set things straightAnthony Kolber on design. Icelab under the hood.

"Let's blade brah."

A few nineties kids out there may remember Airborne. Hopefully Airborne the agency was inspired by this rollerblading marvel.

We don’t know much about them, but we applaud the brother sister founding duo for rocking a site with nothing but a Flash flip book in 2012. It was good enough to earn a site for the company behind another childhood treasure, Lego.